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As our ecTaskForce regional locations grow, we will undoubtedly see a number of new press releases, documents written by members and articles in news papers throughout the country. This page is where we will try to archive them for all of our current and prospective members to be able to share. Some will be articles and white papers written by ecTaskForce members, and others will be written by reporters. The written word can be a powerful tool in helping to spread the word and help us to grow.

If you see an article or document that you feel would benefit all of us, just send us a link to it and we will include it here. 


February 2, 2001

Dial E for Eavesdropping

May  1, 2001

Turn the tables on Cell Phone Snoops

January 3, 2002

A Not-So-Secret Service

January, 2002

Two Eavesdropping Firsts




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